Post Harvesting 2021

Dec 9, 2021

Vendimia Bodegas Manzanos Uvas


After a long harvest in which different difficulties had to be overcome, at Bodegas Manzanos we reviewed the present and future of our 2021 vintage.

The harvest began with rainy weather that forced us to stop several times, even so a radical change in the weather and work in vineyards with cover crops were key to achieving the objective of a fresh grape with medium-high concentration.

Regarding the different varieties, we especially highlight two vineyards that surprised us by their quality. Our plot “Juan Bueno” of the Tempranillo and Garnacha varieties and our Singular Vineyard “1890 Manzanos” of the Garnacha variety with a very low yield and quality worthy of notice.

When it comes to the work at the winery, the alcoholic fermentations were carried out in a timely and appropriate manner, due to the temperature controls and the zero contribution of SO2. All were carried out in an approximate period of 10-12 days, obtaining a moderate percentage of alcohol.

Our best plots were fermented in 500-liter open barrels to achieve superior complexity. As for the Malolactic Fermentation, with a grape with a low PH, a medium quantity of malic acid and a medium-high concentration of tannin, has proceeded as expected.

With regard to ageing wines, we consider the quality of the vintage to be very suitable for this type of elaboration and we will maintain the usual Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva percentages.

In reference to new projects, our winemaker Borja Ripa highlights three new wines.

A White Tempranillo macerated with its skins for more than 25 days and later in the barrel.

A Red Garnacha made with stems in three cluster phases: whole, crushed and destemmed. And an Orange wine according to the new trends.
In conclusion, our team will continue working for this 2021 vintage to meet, as every year, with the always high expectations generated by the wines of Bodegas Manzanos.

Manzanos Wines Team

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