Objective: “Guarantee the future production of wine and its legitimacy in society through an integral sustainability strategy”

sostenibilidad - salud y bienestar


At Bodegas Manzanos we promote the values ​​of the Wine in Moderation movement in each of its 3 pillars:

  • Training for our employees, visitors and consumers.
  • Promotion of moderate consumption.
  • Responsible communication.
sostenibilidad - energia asequible


Bodegas Manzanos has implemented energy saving systems in production activity in recent years. In addition, we have installed 400 solar panels for the consumption of self-generated energy. At present, and thanks to the gravity design of the winery and its construction inside a hill, it allows us to preserve the optimal temperature and humidity of the production processes naturally without the need for energy expenditure. And we avoid the expense of mechanical pumping of the wine.

sostenibilidad - reduccion desigualdades


At Bodegas Manzanos, we are highly committed to social inclusion and the fight against inequalities. In our Siglo brand project, we work hand in hand with an NGO to provide employment for people with intellectual disabilities (ASPRODEMA). Likewise, our facilities are fully equipped for the accessibility of any person with physical disabilities or motor difficulties. In addition, we are an LGTBIQ+ f and pet friendly company.

Within the Bodegas Manzanos team there has always been parity of rights and fair treatment to avoid social, economic, and political inequalities.

sostenibilidad - vida ecosistemas terrestres


We are developing new areas of study to better understand the microbiota of the soil and its interaction with the plant, as well as studies on the recovery of varieties or functional biodiversity that make it possible to value the genetic resources of the vine. We are planting more and more organic vineyards that help us in this purpose, since pesticides or fertilizers are not used, helping to preserve the ecosystem.

sostenibilidad - igualdad


At Bodegas Manzanos we support equality in the workplace, being a parity organization that also works to increase the number of women present in our management bodies, committees and working groups.

  • Half of our technical and winemaking department are women.
  • Ownership: one third are women.
  • Management: the finance, administration, quality and production departments are managed by women.
sostenibilidad - crecimiento economico


Our main activity is agricultural in nature: viticulture. Located in a town with a small population, ours is an activity that contributes to the permanence of the population in rural areas. For some small municipalities, this activity is key to their survival and economic development, offering job opportunities among the young population. At Bodegas Manzanos, more than 75% of the workers reside in municipalities adjacent to the winery, thus helping to prevent the depopulation of rural areas.

sostenibilidad - patrimonio cultural


We also have the objective of promoting Spanish culture by showing the public the two wineries with the most history in Spain: Bodegas Manzanos Haro, the oldest winery in Rioja that we have restored for the production of premium wines and the reception of wine tourists, as well as Bodegas Manzanos Campanas, the oldest winery in Navarre and pilgrims’ hostel in the XIII century of the way of St James the Apostle to Santiago.

sostenibilidad - alianzas


Bodegas Manzanos works and collaborates closely with Ecovidrio, an entity dedicated to managing the selective collection of glass container waste in Spain and which collaborates with the Ministry of Agriculture to promote sustainability policies in the sector.

 We are also a collaborating entity of the Secretary of State for Trade and ICEX with regard to the defense of universal multilateral trade based on rules, the elimination of trade barriers and support for trade agreements.

sostenibilidad - agua limpia


Bodegas Manzanos has spent years developing strategies for efficient water management and to reduce pollution and discharges with specific actions such as the implementation of a plan to reduce consumption and improve discharges.

sostenibilidad - innovacion


At Bodegas Manzanos, in addition to developing an innovation strategy in which technology helps us to improve and be much more competitive in the wine sector, we understand technology as a fundamental and essential part, which is why we invest in state-of-the-art machinery such as electrodialysis stabilizers, bottling machines with a flow of 12,000 Bots/hour and an intelligent logistics center that increases efficiency. In addition, years ago we launched a wine digitization process that helps us to unify, store and transmit information in real time.

sostenibilidad - clima



At Bodegas Manzanos we contribute to climate action by reducing emissions according to the Spanish Wineries for Emission Reduction. Likewise, we have developed a vineyard action plan against climate change:

  • Drip irrigation: control of water consumption.
  • Soil management, plant covers or minimal tillage avoiding erosion.
  • Planting density optimizes the external leaf surface.
  • Optimization of the conduction system, attenuates the effect of temperature and radiation on leaves and clusters (reduces water and thermal stress).