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The history of Manzanos Wines is the story of a family, their effort, their perseverance and their know-how.

Bodegas Manzanos gives its name to the group of wineries that best represent the identity of the family Fernández de Manzanos. There are three wineries: Azagra and Haro in appellation Rioja and Campanas in appellation Navarra. In these wineries, the young team of the fifth generation of the family elaborate the quality wines that are acclaimed worldwide. Its quality is determined by its origin: their own vineyards.

Their vast area of vineyards in different locations of the appellations give them the power of playing with terroir nuances. In their wineries the exquisite elaboration process is demonstrated. In Rioja they own the emblematic and oldest winery of the appellation in Haro and their contemporary winery in Azagra, both using gravity as the principle of architecture for elaboration. Campanas is also the oldest winery in appellation Navarra. Eight years of sustained growth support these young people who win the respect and reputation of their wines day after day.


Bodegas Manzanos Haro is the oldest winery in the city of Haro. It dates back to 1801. It now comprises the building of Bodegas Berceo and the Palacio de Manzanos, a palace from 1733 that is located just 50 metres away from Plaza de la Paz, the main square in Haro. There are five buildings in between these two that are in ruins and will be demolished in order to build our projects for 2021-2022.

They complete the group of buildings that is Bodegas Manzanos Haro. Right now we are adapting our facilities to not only improve the enoturistic experience of the visitor but also the quality and delicacy of the wines that are sealed by Manzanos. Bodegas Manzanos Haro will occupy the block between Palacio de Tejada and Bodegas Berceo with the buildings and caves that they own.


Bodegas Manzanos Azagra is the flagship of Manzanos Wines, the company in which some brands of Rioja appellation are elaborated and bottled. It is located in what is called “Rioja del Reyno”, in Azagra (Navarra), surrounded by loads of vineyards property of the Manzanos family. This château style winery was first built in 2002, but it was not until 2007 when the work started to be carried out in here. It was designed by Victor Fernández de Manzanos Pastor, the father of the current CEO. He created a perfect winery to guarantee the best quality of the wine, with the help of the architecture.

The winery is placed on the top of a hill, far from the centre of the village. Its location is perfect due to the fact of being on the top made possible the design of the four underground floors, each one for a different process. This way, the wine comes down from one floor to the next one using gravity. This makes it possible to avoid pumping the wine.


Bodegas Manzanos Campanas, founded in 1864, is the oldest winery in appellation Navarra. It is based in Campanas, in the north of the appellation, just on the road to Santiago. The winery used to be a pilgrim hostel.

Bodegas Manzanos Campanas was one of the founders of appellation Navarra. In the fifties it was the first winery to elaborate rosé, the wine that made this appellation famous.

If there was a sign of identity that characterizes this winery it would be the fruitiness and freshness of its wines.