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Since 1890

Bodegas Manzanos is the result of the work of five generations of the Fernández de Manzanos family, whose winemaking tradition dates back to 1890.

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The Vineyards

Protected by the appellation Rioja, Bodegas Manzanos owns 250 hectares in D. O. Ca. Rioja and controls 700 hectares more, 50 hectares in D. O. Navarra and controls 525 hectares more.  The company sums up a total of 1.525 hectares.

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Producing wines for more than a century
In Bodegas Manzanos we have been producing wines that satisfy the most demanding palates for over a hundred years. Our greatest satisfaction, and for what we strive for day after day, is to get our customers to associate any of our wines with a moment of pleasure and celebration.

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Bodegas Manzanos launches a new image

Bodegas Manzanos launches a new image

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