Harvest 2022 report

Oct 28, 2022

Informe Pre Vendimia 2022 Bodegas Manzanos

Conclusión: In short: the work in the winery becomes more relevant this year.

This year we started the harvest on August 18th, it’s been the earliest harvest we remember i. It was expected to be short after a hot and dry summer with more extreme temperatures than in 2012. However, the harvest has been so long that it has finished on October 10th. The extreme heat has further accentuated the differences between one vineyard to another, and we have been able to learn about the different adaptive responses of each vineyard.

Clay loamy soils plots with good management of vegetation and irrigation have held up very well to this situation, while sandy soil have suffered more.

On the other hand, we have seen a big difference between younger and older vines. The old ones with deeper roots and more wood have continued to give us the same quality they usually have.

Informe Pre Vendimia 2022 Bodegas Manzanos 3

The harvest was long and staggered, beginning with all the white varieties at the same time. The whites are a little more Mediterranean than other years: their acidity is a little lower and they are more full-bodied on the palate, they have more volume. Aromatically, we have changed the herbal and thiol notes for stone fruit.

With the red varieties there have been two different harvests:
the one from the estates that, as we have mentioned, have suffered more from the climatic conditions this year (younger vines, sandier land, areas with water deficit…) and the rest. The cooler areas have been up to the task and the harvest date has not been that early. The weather during the harvest has been optimal so we have been able to collect each vineyard at its optimal time.

From August 25th to October 10th we have been harvesting red varieties and we can group them into different groups:
those grapes with a great vocation for young aromatic wines,
those with greater structure and a more mature nose, and those destined for aging.

It is worth mentioning that we have a very good representation of unique and singular wines that are meant for our most exclusive ranges.

By variety: Grenaches from all areas have behaved brilliantly, which is usual since this variety is very rustic and adapts better to unfavorable conditions.
In our Gracianos we have worked to reduce hydric stress, and the result has fulfilled the good expectations we had.
In our Tempranillos we have obtained what we were looking for: elegant and, at the same time, robust wines, with character and terroir expression.

In conclusion, this year the work in the winery becomes more relevant to correct the shortcomings that the vintage has given us and to be able to convey the identity of each vineyard in its bottle.

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