Bodegas Manzanos launches 2 new singular vineyard wines and now that makes 3 in their collection

Jun 13, 2023

Viñedos Singulares Bodegas Manzanos Decanter Puntuacion

Three wines from the same Singular Vineyard and tremendously different from each other.

They are three different elaborations and styles from different vintages of the same Singular Vineyard. All three are Garnacha single varietals. Let’s break them down:

Palacio de Manzanos 2017, 1890 Manzanos 2019 and 1890 Manzanos 2021.

Our 2017 Palacio de Manzanos has marked a before and after in our house. It is an elaboration in which the Garnacha displays unparalleled structure, concentration and maturity. Gold at Mundus Vini, Berliner, Asia Wine Trophy and 94 points in Guia Gourmets.

1890 Manzanos 2019 and 2021 are new releases for 2023, presented for the first time at the Salón Gourmets show in April in Madrid, and are very different wines. The main difference is the time of harvesting the grapes, as we are looking for a fresher profile. The 2019 has quite a lot of oak, it is a wine halfway between the 2017 Singular Vineyard Palacio de Manzanos and the 2021. The 2021 is a more post-modern style: with a perfect balance between fresher fruit, aromas and less oak. In short, a lighter wine, which resembles the Burgundy type and exudes elegance.

Our technical director, Borja Ripa, has not considered making wine from vintages 18 and 20 as they are not considered suitable for a Singular Vineyard, with all that this means. Singular vineyards are “the top of the pyramid of Rioja wines today”, and with this in mind he made these creations which continue to reap success. To pass the Rioja board’s demanding tasting to become a Singular Vineyard, you must “show the typicality of what you are making”, Borja points out, “balance scores very well” although he believes that the figure of the Singular Vineyard alone is not understood, it must be accompanied by “the explanation of the wine and the specific vineyard”. “These wines come from specific plots and small productions to which many more resources are allocated to not only take care of them but to pamper them” he points out.

Here are the points recently received from Decanter for our new wines.

  • 96 Decanter 2023 points for 1890 Manzanos Viñedo Singular 2021
  • 93 Decanter 2023 points for 1890 Manzanos Viñedo Singular 2019.

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