Asprodema visits us

Mar 15, 2024

This was the visit of the group of workers from Grupo ASPRODEMA association with which we collaborate and who sew and place our jute sacks for our brand Siglo.

Nowadays Siglo continues this tradition inherited from winemaking families in collaboration with Asprodema, an NGO that promotes people with learning disabilities that handmade put the sack in the bottle.

The sack is the most characteristic thing about Siglo and maybe is one of the reasons why our brand has become such an undeniable referent in Rioja. We can all remember “the wine of the sack”.

The sack was born out of the need to keep the wine fresh. And with this principle we continue to elaborate the sack.

Although our wine is elaborated in Rioja, it is transported to nearly a hundred countries around the world and we all want to be sure that the wine arrives as it was conceived, without being altered by any change of temperature during the journey and storage.

The sack protects the wine from the changes of temperature and light, it emulates the ageing process in the winery, where we maintain a constant temperature of 12 degrees Celsius throughout the year and a low light to make sure that the wine sleeps in the dark, as it is best for its perfect evolution.

We want to look after the wine until it reaches the homes of our clients and the sack makes it possible for us to do so and that they enjoy the wine as if they were in the winery.

The process of elaboration of the sack is long and tedious as we import the jute from its origen, India, and is transported in boats during days until we receive it.

Once here we check the quality of the jute and we select the parts that we send to our seamstresses.

They cut and hand sew the fabric that will wrap the bottle and leave a space so we can introduce the bottle. When the wine leaves the winery, once it has been bottled and has passed a minimum of six months in bottle, we send it to Asprodema so they can follow with the process of introducing the bottle into a sack and sew the rest of the fabric until it reaches the capsule.

Afterwards, the wine comes to the winery so it can be labelled and we can send it to its destiny.

The fact of choosing Asprodema to do this elaborate process of hand manufacturing the sack responds to our social commitment with the people.

We are a company that is committed to society, with people and that is why we always play our part to contribute to different causes.

An example of this is working with Asprodema, a NGO that is an example of perseverance and self-improvement. It is choosing to do good and give an opportunity to people that would not have it easy and this is something that moves us.

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