Celebrating Life and the New Year at Bodegas Manzanos

Jan 23, 2024

Bodegas Manzanos opened its doors on January 4 at 2 pm to start an exceptional event that combined the celebration of life, the new year and the magic of the Three Wise Men. The day began with a cocktail lunch that brought together 400 attendees, including the Bodegas Manzanos team, suppliers, collaborators, friends and loyal customers. The wines chosen were Manzanos Reserva, the company’s flagship wine, and two single-varietal wines: Voché Graciano and Palacio de Manzanos Viñedo Singular Garnacha.

The event counted with the outstanding presence of two special guests: Gonzalo Jimenez, master of ceremonies and comedian who offered humorous sessions, and Toñejo Rodriguez, motivational speaker par excellence. The atmosphere was permeated with joy and fun thanks to the presentations of these talented artists.

The fundamental mission of the event was to celebrate life, reflecting the commitment of Bodegas Manzanos to this noble purpose. As part of the celebration, a Porsche Macan was presented to the winner of the raffle, Eduardo Echarri. The raffle, which rewarded the most loyal customers, was previously held before the notary Ángel Ruiz Fernández de San Adrián. The winner, Eduardo Echarri, received the car amid an atmosphere of joy and accompanied by the best music, marking an unforgettable moment in the history of Bodegas Manzanos.

Photographs of the event:

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