Bodegas Manzanos AzagraActivities suitable for all audiences.


Located in a privileged environment, full of history and where nature is present at all times, Bodegas Manzanos is designed to enjoy the views, taste the traditional food and wines of the area and share pleasant and unforgettable moments.

Víctor Fernández de Manzanos Pastor (father of the current CEO) was the promoter of the first wine tourism in the winery, when it was inaugurated in 2007. His open mind and his way of understanding viticulture continued transmitting the winemaking tradition in which he had grown up since childhood.

The visit begins in the exterior lookout of the winery, which offers spectacular views of the vineyards and orchards from La Rioja and Navarra, separated by the river Ebro. Besides enjoying an incomparable landscape, you can also get to know the biological cycle of the vineyard and its development until the harvest. Inside the winery, a tour of the main facilities is offered in order to understand the process of winemaking, from the arrival of the grapes to the hopper, the resources used, their trip through the tanks to the barrels and sleeper woods to understand the different processes of vinification and aging. The visit ends with a commented wine tasting of our best wines.

In addition, you may choose between various alternatives to pair with the wines.

· Snack.
· Light lunch.
· Food with typical products to choose from the area.

The estimated duration of the visit is 1h 30min, with the possibility of customizing it according to your preferences.

Enjoy your Wine Tourism experience at Bodegas Manzanos.

Visitas Bodegas Manzanos

One of the signs of identity of Bodegas Manzanos is the number of acres, 3768. This way the quality and control and of our grapes are guaranteed year after year.

We propose to carry out a “guided walk to the vineyards” in an off-road vehicle to understand the vineyard cycle, the viticulture techniques that are used, the differences between varieties, the types of soil, the influence of the climate, etc.

Our vineyards, which surround Bodegas Manzanos, are nestled in a landscape of exceptional views to the banks of the river Ebro, in the border between La Rioja and Navarra.

An outdoor experience which will be completed with a visit to the winery and the tasting of three wines (white, Crianza and Reserva) accompanied by a snack.

An additional attraction to enjoy nature and to learn the winemaking process from its beginning in the vineyard.

Visitas Guiadas Viñedos - Bodegas Manzanos

To enjoy all the nuances of the wine, Bodegas Manzanos offers the possibility of taking part in an Initiation Course to Wine Tasting.
The objective of this course is simply to enter the world of wine tasting in an easy and enjoyable way, getting to know the different sensorial phases of wine tasting and putting them into practice.
We offer a transversal tasting of different wines from our winery to learn to distinguish styles, aromas, flavors, aging, etc.
An extensive selection of wines are tasted, ranging from white and white with barrel, to rosés, new wines, Crianzas and Reservas, as well as a range of single-varieties such as Tempranillo, Garnacha or Graciano, that express the peculiarities of each variety.
You will also be shown the correct conservation of the wine, the service and the most appetizing accompaniments.

The price of the course is 30 Euros per person and includes:

– Visit to the winery.
– Course and tasting of the wines (tasting sheets, didactic and audiovisual material).
– Snacks.

The course will be given prior reservation to groups of a minimum of 6 people

Cursos de Catas

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